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Sweet Grass Contracting Ltd. Is a family-owned and operated business located in the heart of Alberta, Canada. We have been trading cereal grains & pulse crops, and working in agriculture since 1995.

Over the years, our focus has shifted predominantly to the oat market, but we are involved in different aspects of the grain industry. The prime location of Sweet Grass enables us to purchase locally grown oats and ship worldwide with ease.

Our advanced knowledge in the oat field - from the growers to the end users - allows us to offer our customers the finest quality Canadian oat supply.

Our vision as a company is to play a significant role in exporting high-quality oats and oat products to our international clientele.

Sweet Grass Contracting promotes positive relationships in our business and community. Our commitment to Canadian Grain Growers, quality products, and customer service lie at the core of everything we do.


Sweet Grass Contracting Logo

Dave has been involved in different aspects of the farming environment all his life, from grain farming to Feedlot Foreman. He is an original owner of Sweet Grass, starting the business in 2003 along with the other co-owners. His expertise lies in project management and strong business relationships and leadership. He has designed the entire structure of the current oat processing plant from the ground up and understands the grain process from field to customer.

President & CEO

David Koehn

Being Owner and Co-Owner of multiple companies, Ron has thirty plus years of experience in logistics, manufacturing and business development. Starting the company in 2003, along with the other original co-owners he is our main Finance Manager at Sweet Grass and plays a big part in the overall vison of the company.

Vice President & CFO

Ron Reimer

Sheila spent her formative years around the Family Feedlot and began working in animal health management at the age of fifteen. Soon after, she took on additional responsibilities in an office capacity, handling Feedlot records, data entry, and overall office management. As one of the original co-owners of Sweet Grass, Sheila has played a pivotal role in overseeing the office and serves as the acting treasurer and manages general accounting tasks.

Secretary & Treasurer

Sheila Koehn

Carson grew up surrounded by family who were passionate about business, which sparked a desire to join and help a growing company. He started at age fifteen, by joining a family farm and by 18 years old was placed in a management role. The opportunity arose with Sweet Grass in 2015 and Carson joined as Production Manager.  Several years in, he transferred into Sales with Sweet Grass and has become the lead Sales and Purchase Manager.

Co-Owner & Manager of Sales and Purchasing

Carson Reimer


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